What time is Trump speaking tonight | Trump Waco rally live: How to watch his first major 2024 stop

What time is Trump speaking tonight— Trump Waco rally live: How to watch his first major 2024 stop

What time is Trump speaking tonight 

Trump Waco rally live: How to watch his first major 2024 stop| Trump Waco rally today: What we know about his first big 2024 campaign stop

Trump Waco rally live: How to watch his first major 2024 stop

Former President Donald Trump is traveling to Waco, Texas on Saturday night for the opening rally of his 2024 presidential campaign despite the possibility of an indictment in a Manhattan hush-money investigation, which would be the first charges against a former president in American history.

Just a few days will pass before the city marks the 30-year anniversary of a bungled government raid that resulted in hundreds of fatalities and enduring anti-government sentiment.

Some experts on extremism contend that this is the reason the former president chose Waco for the site of his first significant rally, while others contend Waco’s political importance is unrelated to its past.

Here’s what we know ahead of the rally: Trump Waco rally live: How to watch

What did Donald Trump say on Ukraine?

Trump’s first campaign event in 2024 will be shown live on C-SPAN.

He is anticipated to start speaking when his plane lands at 6:35 p.m. Eastern, according to updated instructions.

Ted Nugent Zelensky rant kicks off Trump rally

Ted Nugent, a Texas-based rocker who has long supported Trump and is an outspoken conservative, opened the event with a performance.

Nugent riled up the audience by playing the Star Spangled Banner on guitar while criticizing President Joe Biden’s administration.

What time is Trump speaking tonight ! Additionally, he denounced American assistance to Ukraine and attacked Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of that country.

What happened in Waco 30 years ago?

What happened in Waco 30 years ago?

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms attacked the Branch Davidian compound in Waco thirty years ago in 1993, but were met with gunfire from the residents.

A standoff followed, which was violently resolved 51 days later. The compound was destroyed by fire and a raid using tear gas, killing numerous people. In total, 86 persons passed away, including 28 kids and 4 government agents.

What time is Trump speaking tonight

The failed raid has been used for years to advance anti-government conspiracy theories and has come to represent government failures.

What time is Trump speaking tonight?

Even though the Waco Regional Airport rally’s doors opened at noon, Trump is slated to start speaking at 5 p.m. local time, or 6 p.m. Eastern.

Ted Nugent, a rock musician from Texas, gave the rally’s opening performance, playing the Star Spangled Banner on his guitar.

What time is Trump speaking tonight-Critics criticize the Trump event for focusing on the alleged Nazi sympathizer issue.

Critics criticize the Trump event for focusing on the alleged Nazi sympathizer issue.

Including a speaker at his rally on Saturday who highlighted the plight of a January 6 rioter and alleged Nazi sympathizer who was found guilty on all five charges he faced in May, Representative Zoe Lofgren, a member of the House committee looking into the January 6, 2021 uprising, criticized former President Donald Trump on Sunday.


The California Democrat remarked on CNN’s “Newsroom” that perhaps President Biden didn’t need to add the word “semi” when he warned that there are certain sections in this extreme party that are semi-Fascist. This was in response to the current President’s recent remarks about “MAGA Republicans,” she added.

Late in August, Biden blasted the Republicans who had backed his predecessor and referred to their position as “semi-fascism.”

At Trump’s gathering in Pennsylvania, Cynthia Hughes, the leader of a support organization for January 6 defendants including Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, whose case gained international attention after the Justice Department released Photographs emerged of him wearing the distinctive “Hitler moustache“.

Trump’s choice of a speaker highlighting a case like the Capitol riot drew a stinging retort from Lofgren, a member of the House Judiciary Committee: “There is no doubt that being an Adolf Hitler supporter classifies one as a fascist.In the Capitol riot case, for instance, there are hundreds of other defendants. That worries me, in my opinion.

Trump used his first event following the Mar-a-Lago FBI search to pander to his base, attacking Biden, whom he called a “enemy of the state,” the FBI, and the Justice Department while only briefly complimenting the Pennsylvania Senate and gubernatorial candidates he was in Wilkes-Barre to back.

One instance of this is showing support for Capitol rioters. The former President reportedly claimed that he would “very, very seriously” consider totally pardoning the Capitol rioters if he runs and wins in 2024.

Hughes mentioned Hale Cusanelli, whom she referred to as her nephew and who has been imprisoned since his arrest more than two years ago, as an example of what she called the pervasive injustice committed against defendants.

Despite not being accused of any violent crimes, the judge in Hale-Cusanelli’s case decided that he should be remanded in custody until his trial because he posed a threat to the public and there was a potential that his alleged long-standing neo-Nazi beliefs could spark a “intensification of violence.”

Federal Judge Trevor McFadden said, “I am quite concerned about the utterances after January 6 implying that the defendant is looking forward to a civil war.” This was around two months after Hale-arrest Cusanelli’s in January 2021.

Trump appointee McFadden said during the hearing in March 2021 that “every judge is frightened of releasing someone who subsequently goes crazy.” This bothers me in many ways regarding that.